Our Story

Ever since we had our first French croissant, we are completely hooked by the buttery, flaky, crumbly, airy, sweet and savory pastries. With a passion for the ultimate pastry, we have set out on a journey for creating our perfect croissants.  

Even with our combined pharmacy and engineering background, the making of the perfect croissant is not easy. We attended the San Francisco Baking Institute to learn the science behind each croissant making steps and developed hands on skills on laminated dough. 

The real challenge starts when we started making croissant at our micro-bakery. We have made batches after batches of croissants over the course of several months.  Each time learning from mistakes we’ve made, we have improved after each batch. We want our croissants to have the perfect honeycomb structure, the perfect flaky, crunchy and airy texture, and the most beautiful appearance we can possibly achieve.  This is easier said than done. We have possibly made every single mistake that could be made when making a croissant, from temperature control to the steps in mixing to laminating, cutting, and shaping, and to final proofing and baking. Each step is like a synchronized dance that tied to one another and with one mis-step you would ruin the entire batch of dough. 

We are fascinated by the complexity and technicality of making croissants. Each time we are excited to learn from our mistakes, to improve our croissants and to feel rewarded when we took a bite of the heavenly pastry at the end of it all. We want to share the fruit of our labor to all the croissant lovers out there.

Cheers and bon appetit!